Отсрочка-atsrochka (‘a’ pronounced like a in fAther)

So since I’ve dedicated this week to the various forms of bribery and cheating the system that one might find in Russia I though I would discuss another area where you are bound to find all sorts of bribes and that is the отрочка от армии (deferment of military service).

Military service in Russia is mandatory, and yet, for some reason, you very rarely meet someone who actually served in the military.  There are a bazillion ways to get out of it. If you’re in school you can get out of it, if you’re married with kids you can get out of it and if you’ve got some sort of health condition you can get out of it. One of my friends had a doctor that his parents were paying to say that he had a lung condition and couldn’t serve.  Well, this got complicated because that doctor after many years of writing an отсрочку, started upping his price.  So this friend started feeling lots of pressure to go back to school, move out of the country or get married and have babies.

The great thing about these отсрочки is that you can easily get them online.  From this website I found the following line of advertisement:

Доктор Пульс.Ру позволит Вам на законных основаниях купить отсрочку от армии в самые короткие сроки

(DoctorPulse.ru allows you to legally buy a deferment from military service in the shortest period of time)

Don’t ask me how they make it legal. Maybe they amputate one of your legs right then and there and then you are officially and legally declared unfit for service.