And to avoid any accusations about gender discrimination:

похитительница-a female kidnapper

The Missing posters that went up all around for Dasha Popova.

Today I read in Komsomolskaya Pravda (the newspaper) that

“В Ростове в СИЗО покончил с собой похититель 9-летней Даши Поповой”

“In Rostov the kidnapper of 9-year old Dasha Popova killed(literally ‘finished with himself) himself.”

And here are some of the other headlines I read:

Похититель Даши Поповой повесился в СИЗО

“The kidnapper of Dasha Popova hung himself in jail(Следственный изолятр)”


“Охранники ростовского СИЗО не успели вытащить похитителя Даши Поповой из петли”

“Guards didn’t have time to pull the kidnapper of Dasha Popova out of the noose”.

This story has been all over the news in Russia. I started following it when I noticed that all my Russian friends on Facebook were posting these ‘missing child’ posters on their pages. So because the kidnapper’s suicide is front page news today we’ll kind of go backwards with the story and I’ll pull words from the articles I’ve read.

Other forms of the word:

Похитить/похищать-to kidnap or abduct

похищение-kidnapping or theft