ВознаграждЕние: vaznagrazhdYEniye

Another new word we’ll take from the story about the kidnapping of nine year-old Dasha Popova in Rostov is the word вознаграждение. See it if you can find it in the ‘Missing’ notice below.

In the middle it says “For information about the location of Dasha is guaranteed a reward of 1 million rubles”

Some of the headlines about this reward read as follows:
“Отчим Даши объявил вознаграждение в размере 300 тысяч рублей”
“Dasha’s stepfather declared a reward in the sum of 300 thousand rubles”

Days pass and her parents get more desperate and
“Сумма вознаграждения развеличена до 1 миллиона рублей”
“The amount was increased to 1 million rubles”.

Well then Dasha was found by a lady, but she still hasn’t received her обещанное вознаграждение (promised reward).
This is understandable considering the scandal surrounding the story. The guy kidnapped her as a way to make money, knowing that most likely this type of вознаграждение would be offered by this rich businessman, they need to make sure that this woman has no ties to the kidnapper. For now

“женщина получит вознаграждение в том случае, если полиция рекомендует это сделать.”
“The woman will receive the reward on the condition that police recommend to do so.”