Лапа (singular)  lapa

Лапы (plural)  lapy

Лапочка (diminutive)   lapochka

The theme of this week is fun words for various body parts.

One of the most common ways that you will hear this word is in the diminutive form, “Лапочка”. This kind of means like ‘little cutey’ but literally means, “little paw” and you’ll hear it to describe children, pets and sometimes even girlfriends. Upon doing a Google search I found that the movie ‘Honey’ with Jessica Alba (you’re not missing much if you haven’t seen it) is translated as ‘Лапочка’.

But when not in the diminutive it doesn’t necessarily have a positive connotation.  An article about some crazy guy that tortured one supermodel girlfriend, was acquitted and celebrated his acquittal by finding another supermodel to torture. The victims mother was convinced that this creep was preying upon Katya because of her impressionable character.  In this article I found this line:

“Я думаю, что Катя попала в его лапы не случайно”

“I think that Katya didn’t fall into his paws by accident.”

So if you have a choice between falling into лапы or лапочки you should definitely choose the soft cuddly лапочка of a puppy rather than a serial girlfriend-beater.