This word, depending on the context, could be vulgar.  But it is usually the word parents use for little kids’ private parts.

I was so excited when I learned this word! I have two kids and sometimes I like to speak Russian to them but I never knew what to call their little private parts.  I only knew horribly offensive swear words for them or the horribly awkward sounding technical terms.

So I learned this word last fall while staying with a friend who has a 3 year old named Bogdan.  He was often going around without pants on so I heard things like, “Не трогай писю” “Don’t touch your pee pee”.

But my favorite story was when Bogdan’s mom stepped out for a few minutes leaving Bogdan alone with me and another one of our girlfriends.  So there Bogdan sat in his колготки (tights that they put on their kids in the cold weather to keep them warm).  Bogdan started to pull down his tights and the following conversation began:

Я и Катя: Бодик, не надо показывать писю.

Katya and I: Bodik, don’t show your pee pee.

Бодик: Но я хочу.

Bodik: But I want to.

Я и Катя: Бодя, не принято показывать свою писю девушкам. Не надо.

Katya and I: Bodya, it’s not acceptable to show your pee pee to girls. Don’t do it.



Катя: Мы не хотим её видеть. Джейни, ты хочешь видеть писю Бодика?

Katya: We don’t want to see it. Janey, do you want to see Bodik’s pee pee?

Я: Нет, я не хочу.

I: No. I don’t want to.

Катя: И я не хочу. Вот, не надо показывать нам писю.

Katya: And I don’t want to. So don’t show us your pee pee.

Бодик: Ну ладно.

Bodik: Fine then.