This week our words will come from various плакаты (posters).  You can find these posters at  I love to begin my classes by showing my students a poster and discussing the grammar/vocabulary and the part of history or culture portrayed in the poster.

This next poster was designed be the famous Soviet poet Mayakovsky.  I love to show this poster to my students and have them speculate as to what the poster is about.

We typically look at this poster and discuss the grammar: the genitive case in the presence of ‘не было’ and ‘нет’.

So here’s the poster

There have never been and still are not better nipples. Ready to suck til old age. Sold everywhere. Rezinotrest.

I love this style and design that is used in these old Soviet ads.  I bought a package of plakaty when I was in Russia my first time when I didn’t speak Russian very well.  I spent many a night staring at this poster (that I had hanging on my wall) trying to figure out what on earth it was talking about…missiles? bullets?  Something scary and violent for sure, right? Wrong.

It’s an advertisement for baby pacifiers(nipples) as made by the Soviet rubber company Rezinotrest. This poster just makes you want to coddle your baby, doesn’t it?