Today I’ll just share with you a few words of thanksgiving since it’s День благодарения (Thanksgiving Day) in America.  I wrote this post early because I knew on the day of the feast I would be running around like a turkey (ha ha get it) with its head cut off.

So today will be a great day to talk about благодарность, gratitude and the ways you express it.

So there’s the verb, благодарить.  The tradition goes that Thanksgiving was a day designated to thank God for all of our many blessings.  So as you’re gathered around the table you might hold hands or fold your arms and saying a blessing that goes something like this:

“Наш Бог, мы благодарим тебя за эту пищу и все наши благословления.”

“Our God, we thank you for this food and all of our blessings”.

Notice that  the verb благодарить gets accusative case.  The thing that you’re thankful for gets за + accusative case.

Now to the host that invited you over you might try expressing your gratitude in a different way:

“Я очень благодарен вам за то, что вы меня пригласили!”

“I’m very grateful to you for inviting me.”

So here you use the short form adjective, meaning, ‘grateful’.  If you’re a girl you’ll say благодарна, and if you’re a ‘we’ you say благодарны.  Then you use the dative case as opposed to the accusative that was used with the verb. “за то, что” is what you say when you’re wanting to thank someone for doing something.  So to finish my post today

Я очень благодарю вас за то, что вы читаете мой маленький блог и желаю всем хорошего Дня благодарения!