I promised this week would be devoted to stories about ‘dogs’.  Well today’s story is actually one of my most favorite stories regarding the stray dogs of Moscow and one that especially increased my respect for them.

There are little kiosks all over Moscow that sell hot dogs.  My English friend, Sam, used to eat hot dogs from these places all the time and I just thought it was the grossest thing ever.  I would say things like, “You don’t know what they put in those, there’s probably actual dog meat in them.” Sam continued to explain that they were so good that he didn’t care and just continued to eat the mysterious tube-shaped meat anyway.

Sam came home one day, swallowed his pride and confessed to me this story:

He was eating one of his beloved kiosk хот доги when a stray dog came up to him begging for food.  So he broke off a piece of his hot dog and tossed it to the dog.  The dog walked up to it, sniffed it and then walked away.

Wow, that tells us that 1) just how pampered these Moscow stray dogs are that they can be so choosy and 2) just how bad those kiosk hot dogs are that not even a stray dog would stoop to eating one.