I’m not big into mafia news so I’ll just summarize here. A famous mob boss, known as Дед Хасан, shot down by a sniper outside a restaurant in Moscow last week. Okay, so there’s that.

The scandal really started when somebody posted this picture of Vladimir Putin with a man they were claiming to be the notorious Ded Khasan.  People were hoping this photo would prove Putin’s criminal ties.  I’m not necessarily a Putin supporter but I don’t see the similarities between this man in the white jacket and Ded Khasan. You can scrutinize them for yourself.

The actual Aslan Usoyan, aka Ded Khasan

So The Moscow Times published this photo on their Facebook page.  It’s mocking the supposed ties between the Kremlin and the mob boss. You can read more about this in English here.

This shows a meeting of Putin and the Duma and reads “Dyed Khasan is sick today, we’ll start without him”