As many of you might remember, I also love Ukraine and Ukrainian.  In fact, some of my most favorite music comes from Ukrainian artists.  So I think it’s only fair to include a few of my favorite Ukrainian songs.

Boombox sings in both Russian and Ukrainian.  I absolutely adore their music. It is so creative and the lead singer, Andrey Khvylnyuk has an awesome voice.

Today’s song always tugs at my heart strings. I noticed while in Ukraine that everyone seems to have someone they know or have loved that works “за кордоном” (abroad).  It seems like everyone is trying to get out of Ukraine.  Although these opportunities have helped the economic prospects of many people it has made relationships for many young people kind of complicated. This was an issue for almost every young person I met there.  Many of whom had had someone they were in love with but the relationship fell apart when one of them went to live and work abroad.

This song is about how young love too often falls victim to the complications of real life and geography. I hope you love it and learn a little Ukrainian while you’re at it.