janey-prof-pic-12.jpgЗдравствуйте! My name is Janey and I have been teaching Russian for 10 years, studying it for 15 and fascinated by all things Russia for over 30 years. As a non-native Russian learner, I understand why the language has led so many to feel frustrated. I was once like you–frantically trying to memorize case endings, trying to keep track of irregular plurals, pulling my hair out over verbal aspect, crying into my pillow about myagkiy znak. After years of teaching, studying and obsessing, I have come up with useful systems and tricks to help you learn the language and, hopefully, have minimal emotional meltdowns.

My website, Youtube Channel, Downloadable Materials and Tutoring sessions will help you create a plan of action to start learning and perfecting your Russian by using all the tips of a fellow learner.

So whether it’s preparing for proficiency tests like the OPI or DLPT, or just being able to order water with ice and “no gas” in Moscow, I can help you identify and reach your goals, since I’ve done all three of these daunting tasks myself.


So how did an American girl like me come to be interested in Russia? I never know how to answer. How can someone NOT be interested in Russia? From the politics to the literature it is a bottomless pit of mystery and intrigue.

It actually began with my favorite fairy tale as a child, “The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship” which I later(after learning Russian) realized was an English translation of  “Конёк горбунок”.  Then, after years of being obsessed with Russian literature(specifically Nabokov, Chekhov and Anna Akhmatova), I decided to take a semester off of school and teach ESL in Moscow. But on my first day in Moscow, my minor fascination promptly became a full-time, lifelong obsession. I began teaching myself Russian and after my semester teaching ESL, I marched right over to Moscow State University and signed up for Russian History, Literature, and Linguistics classes in the Philology Department. Years later I would teach myself Ukrainian and study it in Ukraine. I continue to dabble in teaching myself Slavic languages, especially when I have long to-do lists of things I really ought to be doing instead.

From there I returned home and finished a Bachelor’s in Russian, followed by a Master’s and have been teaching Russian classes ever since at several different universities (Beginning thru Advanced, Russian Phonetics and Phonology, Russian Foreign Policy and International Relations), and have also worked as an interpreter and translator.

My Youtube Channel began as a way to help students work through complex concepts at home outside of class, but I quickly began getting requests from people all over the world for more videos, more posts, more worksheets, more! more! more!

So now that things have slowed down in my life slightly, I have decided to focus on sharing my love of the Russian language with you and help you in your learning journey in any way I can.