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Russian Word of the Day: Пятница/Пьяница

I always try and tell my students that it’s not only okay, but even funny to make mistakes in the language you’re learning. It actually gives natives a good laugh here and there. Like the time my Ukrainian friend called… Continue Reading →

Don’t Afraid: My terrifying appendectomy in a po-dunk Ukrainian hospital, Part II

The following is the email I sent to friends and family after my surgery, written exactly eight years ago today: The parts in Italics are the parts I’m adding post facto. Read Part I here Hello, everyone, I have survived… Continue Reading →

“Don’t Afraid”: My Terrifying Appendectomy in a Po-dunk Ukrainian Hospital

Part 1: My intimate moment with Babushka and the hospital of death Eight years ago this week I went to visit my friend, Pasha, in Ukraine.  This memory became more dear to me last fall after Pasha passed away.  We… Continue Reading →

The Limits of Liberation; The ideals and realities of early Soviet family policy

Soviet ideas of women’s liberation were progressive and bold for their time. Soviet women were working side by side with men when American women were still fighting for the right to vote. The declarations of women’s equality with men were… Continue Reading →

С Новым Годом! The Russian New Year in Postcards

The New Year is the biggest holiday in Russia and is celebrated on a level equivalent to our Christmas.  They do have Christmas in the Orthdox religion, Рождество, which takes place on January 6, but in the Orthodox religion they believe the the… Continue Reading →

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