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Всё хорошо, что хорошо кончается: My OPI results

You might have read my previous post about my experience taking the OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview) in Russian. It’s an official test administered by ACTFL (American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages). Taking the OPI in Russian (read about how… Continue Reading →

Russian Song of the Day: Полковнику никто не пишет-Би-2

Because I had just been left to my own resources when looking for Russian music, I was having a hard time finding the good stuff.  I was listening to a lot of романсы, which are charming in their own way,… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: Пятница/Пьяница

I always try and tell my students that it’s not only okay, but even funny to make mistakes in the language you’re learning. It actually gives natives a good laugh here and there. Like the time my Ukrainian friend called… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: Давление-Pressure

ДавлЕние-DavlyЕniye A few days ago I read an article in Komsomolskaya Pravda, the title of which read: “Завтра на Москву обрушится холод и рекордно низкое давление! Врачи предупреждают: сердечникам и гипертоникам надо быть особенно осторожными.” “Tomorrow record low pressure will… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: Мрак-gloom

The pleasant weather of golden autumn is slowly turning to the dark chill of winter and I thought I would dedicate this week’s posts to vocabulary associated with some of the woes of winter. So yesterday we discussed Daylight Savings… Continue Reading →

Russian Phrase of the Day: Вот такие пирожки

My posts this week are in honor of my dear friend Booya.  He loved idioms and sayings so that is why I’ve now had two phrases in one week.  But this phrase is especially useful for me. I tend to… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: Взаимно-mutually; ditto

Взаимно-vzaimna This weeks theme is words or phrases I learned from or in conjunction with my dear friend Booya(See previous post to understand why I call him Booya). Booya loved to learned neat little English phrases.  For New Years I… Continue Reading →

Russian Phrase of the Day: как свои пять пальцев-like the back of your hand

This week’s posts are dedicated to my dear friend Booya. Booya was a native москвич (muscovite) as were almost all of his ancestors. But man, for someone who had such deep roots in Moscow he DID NOT know his way… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: мазь-ointment

This week I’m dedicating my post to memories of my dear friend Boris(I couldn’t pronounce Borya when I met him very well so I just gave him the nickname Booya). In the previous post I wrote about the week we… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: Лапша-noodle

Лапша-LapshA Today for dinner I am making homemade chicken noodle soup and so it is bringing back memories of a time my dear friend, Booya (Borya) made me куриный суп с лапшой (chicken soup with noodles). Booya and I were… Continue Reading →

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