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Week 5 and 6: Talking about languages

This week you’ll learn how to describe your language skills and talk about the languages you know.   Language Worksheet: CR About Languages

Week 4: Where people live and work, Prepositional Case

This week you’ll be adding more to your description of your family. You should be able to: Come up with new adjectives to describe members of your family (and change them for gender) Tell where people live and work Understand… Continue Reading →

Week 3: “To Have”, Gender of Adjectives and Plurals

This week your goals are to: Talk about things you have Describe yourself and your clothing Understand how to make plurals in Russian and memorize the 7 Letters in the “7 Letter spelling rule”   Here is your vocab list… Continue Reading →

Reading Practice: Pushkin’s Fairytales

If you’re just learning to read Russian you probably need help HEARING how the words are supposed to sound. The problem is when you’re first learning to read, you need it slowed down, like, REALLY slowed down. That’s what this… Continue Reading →

Review of the Cases: 1st Year Basics

The summer has come and gone and you probably had a great time, but I’m assuming you haven’t done much in the way of reviewing Russian grammar. Mainly because you’re lazy and horrible, but also because the human brain tends… Continue Reading →

War and Peace in Bite Size Pieces

I have a confession–a guilty secret that I’ve been concealing for many years. I risk losing all credibility as a russophile if I confess, but I can’t live with the shame any longer: I’ve never read War and Peace. As… Continue Reading →

Book Review: Midnight in Siberia By David Greene

Summer is the time when I do (or at least have aspirations of doing) all the things I don’t have time for during the busy school year. So this summer I managed to read a book! and do a blogpost!… Continue Reading →

Сколько зим сколько лет! (Long time no write)

It never ceases to amaze me that I am continuing to get followers and comments even when I haven’t had time to write much in the blog lately. But this just shows me that there are, in fact, lots of… Continue Reading →

Favorite Place in Saint Petersburg: Anna Akhmatova Monument

So this summer I had the opportunity to take my husband and my parents to Russia and Ukraine to see my favorite places on earth and meet all of my friends from those places. I’m only now getting around to… Continue Reading →

Victory! Слава героям!

Hooray! Today is the day I get to write a happy post! I love Victory Day. I love those sweet old WWII veterans that walk around Moscow carrying flowers and getting kissed on the cheek by pretty young girls.  If… Continue Reading →

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