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Fun little facts for anyone who is studying the language

Week 2: Gender of Nouns and Nationalities

You made it! You didn’t let the alphabet discourage and you’re ready to keep learning. Here is what we’ll be covering this week: Lesson 1: The Three Genders in Russian, plus a brief intro to the Plural Here is the… Continue Reading →

Learn To Read Russian

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start! Below you will find a play list with my videos that I use in my classroom to teach students the alphabet. I start with the most familiar letters… Continue Reading →

College Russian: Strategies for Learning Cases

So you’ve decided to get serious about learning the cases! МОЛОДЕЦ! Did I ever tell you about that time in the early months of my Russian learning where I decided that the cases were too hard and I was just… Continue Reading →

My New Youtube Channel: College Russian

Hello Everyone, After over a year of intending to start a Youtube channel, a summer of sitting around thinking, “Oh, I really should start working on that Youtube channel now while I’ve got free time” I have finally done it… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: Фамильярность-familiarity

What more unromantic word than ‘familiarity’? Ugh. Right? WRONG!!! Two of my MOST favorite poems in Russian play upon the concepts of formality and familiarity in Russian. First to fully appreciate these poems you have to understand some things about… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: Закладывать-to stuff/pile up

Закладывать-imperfective(perfective: заложить)- zakladyvat’ This week’s theme is однокоренные слова (Words of the same root). What better and more widespread verb to choose than the universally relevant verb ‘to put’, from the root -klad- meaning ‘placement’ Закладывать can have several different… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: Морда-mug/snout

МОрда-mOrda This week’s theme is fun words for body parts. None of the words are vulgar.  You can find those carved into the walls of Metro cars. Some of the words featured this week can have a more harsh meaning…. Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: Лапы-paws

Лапа (singular)  lapa Лапы (plural)  lapy Лапочка (diminutive)   lapochka The theme of this week is fun words for various body parts. One of the most common ways that you will hear this word is in the diminutive form, “Лапочка”…. Continue Reading →

Russian WORDS of the Day: мерзавец, негодяй, злоумышленник

To wrap up our week of posts about the kidnapping of Dasha Popova in Rostov I decided to have a grand finale of all the colorful words that have been being used to describe Dasha’s kidnapper. All of them, as… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: Вознаграждение-reward, compensation

ВознаграждЕние: vaznagrazhdYEniye Another new word we’ll take from the story about the kidnapping of nine year-old Dasha Popova in Rostov is the word вознаграждение. See it if you can find it in the ‘Missing’ notice below. Some of the headlines… Continue Reading →

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