Seven Tips for Improving Pronunciation in a Foreign Language

It’s a dreaded phenomenon that happens to the best of us–a foreign accent. No one, no matter how rich, privileged or educated is immune. It happens to world leaders:   It happens to even the most creative and brilliant of us:… Continue Reading →

My New Youtube Channel: College Russian

Hello Everyone, After over a year of intending to start a Youtube channel, a summer of sitting around thinking, “Oh, I really should start working on that Youtube channel now while I’ve got free time” I have finally done it… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day:Oтсрочка-deferment

Отсрочка-atsrochka (‘a’ pronounced like a in fAther) So since I’ve dedicated this week to the various forms of bribery and cheating the system that one might find in Russia I though I would discuss another area where you are bound… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: Наесться-to be full, to eat one’s fill

Наесться- nayest’sya Я наелся (for males)/наелась(for females)- ya nayelsya/ naelas’ When you see the prefix “HA” plus the reflexive ending “ся” it has the meaning of to have one’s fill of something.  Add it to the word есть which means to eat… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: Свеча -candle, suppository

свеча-svyechА  свечка-svYEchka (the ‘k’ makes it diminutive) I’ve long known the word свеча or свечка as candle but the second meaning I learned last fall while in Kiev. My friend Katya works as a pediatrician in Kiev.  Her little boy,… Continue Reading →

Russian Word a Day: затеять -to venture or undertake

I thought this was a very appropriate word to describe this new затея or undertaking that I thought up for this blog. You see, I recently started learning Farsi because I’ve always had a fascination with Iranian culture and since we had… Continue Reading →

Kyiv, Kiev, Linguistic Chaos

Disclaimer: I know that the true Ukrainian spelling for the city where I am currently located is Kyiv, please forgive. The other way is just easier for me. So I’m now in Kiev. I have been here for several days… Continue Reading →

Lveaving for Lviv

Wow that title is so corny but I love it.  So as you may have read in my most recent post  http://collegerussian.com/2011/04/19/what-ive-been-up-to-lately/ I decided about 8 months back to teach myself Ukrainian and to go to Ukraine to study Ukrainian… Continue Reading →

Culinary Linguistics: Origins and Etymology of Food in Russian Culture

Картофель-potato (has no plural form) Картошка– potato (diminuitive/fond form)   The potato is an important staple of the Russian diet.  Like in so many other places around the world it has saved many Russians from hunger.  Russians name it the… Continue Reading →

Sharing the wealth: More Word’s Worth Articles by Michele Berdy

The Moscow Times Opinion The Word’s Worth By Michele A. Berdy   All Time is Relative   При Царе Горохе: in times of yore, literally “during the reign of the Pea King”   If you have any doubts about time… Continue Reading →

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