Answer to Demands for more of Michele Berdy’s Brilliance

I’ve been busy studying in an intensive Arabic program but I found a few moments to provide you with some back-articles of the “Word’s Worth”–a brilliant Russian Culture/Language article published weekly in the Moscow Times.  Her articles come out every… Continue Reading →

March 8 Woman’s Day Off

 Hooray! What better way to celebrate the holiday than to see that Michele Berdy is back at the Moscow Times once again, feeding our hungry Russian loving souls once again!  This is the article from March 7, 2008 How to… Continue Reading →

Weekly Bread for the Russophile- “The Word’s Worth” by Michele Berdy

The first time I was in Russia I, considering that I didn’t speak Russian at the time, was very excited when I came across a Moscow Times newspaper in an internet cafe in Red Square.  The newspaper allows otherwise oblivious… Continue Reading →

Etymology and Slavic Mythology

  Slavic Mythology-Every Word Tells a Tale  It’s easy to look at a language and never see the marks of ancient beliefs and systems.  In English we have several words that are derived from ancient pagan beliefs, I’ve listed a few to… Continue Reading →

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