Word from the Russian Headlines: Балетмайстер

Балетмайстер- ballet master Americans, quick! Name a famous American ballerina or ballerinist(a male ballerina?)! Hurry! Anna Pavlova…..? Nope, she’s Russian. George Balanchine…..? Nope, also Russian (technically Georgian).   Come on, a famous American ballet dancer, I know you can do… Continue Reading →

Russian Headline of the Day-Дед Хасан

I’m not big into mafia news so I’ll just summarize here. A famous mob boss, known as Дед Хасан, shot down by a sniper outside a restaurant in Moscow last week. Okay, so there’s that. The scandal really started when… Continue Reading →

Russian Headline of the Day: Крещение

In the West news stations love to show videos of ‘crazy Russians’ swimming in icy water. “Oh they’re probably drunk”  or “well, Russians are half polar bear” are some of the explanations we come up with to try and understand… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: хот доги-Hot Dogs

I promised this week would be devoted to stories about ‘dogs’.  Well today’s story is actually one of my most favorite stories regarding the stray dogs of Moscow and one that especially increased my respect for them. There are little… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: Дворняга-mutt

Even though I’m not necessarily much of a dog-lover I have designated this week собачья неделя “Dog week”.  The stray dogs in Moscow are very interesting creatures and the fact that they are allowed to coexist with humans and multiply… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: Собачий-Dog

You might be thinking, “What on earth does an adjective form of the word dog have to do with anything?”  And when I tell you that this week is going to be dedicated to words associated with dogs, you’re going… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: Мрак-gloom

The pleasant weather of golden autumn is slowly turning to the dark chill of winter and I thought I would dedicate this week’s posts to vocabulary associated with some of the woes of winter. So yesterday we discussed Daylight Savings… Continue Reading →

In the Details-My photography of Russia

My favorite book when I was young was called, The Fool of the World and The Flying Ship, it was a gift from my grandmother.  I just found it for the first time a little while ago.  Having read fairy… Continue Reading →

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