The Limits of Liberation; The ideals and realities of early Soviet family policy

Soviet ideas of women’s liberation were progressive and bold for their time. Soviet women were working side by side with men when American women were still fighting for the right to vote. The declarations of women’s equality with men were… Continue Reading →

The ‘Sex Question’ Glass Floweth O’er: The Bolsheviks’ Insatiable Thirst For Answers

Everyone Loves a Movement Living in the United States these days you might have noticed an obsession with all things ‘green’.  What once might have been Irish pride has turned into a ‘movement’ towards ‘environmentally friendly living’.  This movement has… Continue Reading →

Soviet Woodstock; The ‘Free Love’ movement of the Bolsheviks

When I say “free love” and “sexual liberation” the image that comes to your mind might be one of nude, long-haired beauties with peace signs and flowers painted on their cheeks, rockin out to the tunes of Joan Baez and… Continue Reading →

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