New Year

Russian Phrase of the Day: Поздравляю вас с Новым Годом!

Поздравлять-to congratulate This is how you wish a happy holiday.  You say поздравляю вас (pazdravlyayu vas) then the holiday or occasion in the instrumental. …с Новым Годом  (with the New Year) …c днем рождения (with your birthday) I have spent… Continue Reading →

Russian Tidbit of the Day-The Soviet New Year’s Feast

So today we’ll take more from this awesome little article.  It was a delight to read and it made me so glad that I know Russian.  So let me now share it with you. So, being the foodie that I… Continue Reading →

Russian Tidbit-More of New Year’s Presents in Soviet Times

Reminiscing about Soviet times has kind of become hip now in Russia, maybe because they feel safely removed enough from it now.  One popular TV show is called “Восьмидесятые” “The Eighties” and is kind of a fond and humorous look… Continue Reading →

Russian Tidbit of the Day: New Year’s Presents in Soviet Times

So after reading yesterday’s article about what kinds of things kids are asking Dyed Moroz for these days I began to wonder what kids during Soviet times asked for.  Were their expectations just as high? And how on earth did… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: Волшебник-Miracle-Worker

I read this post in my Komsomolskaya Pravda feed on Facebook.  So I’ll make it my post for today with a little extra info about where you can reach Дед Мороз to ask for a few miracles of your own…. Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: Посох-staff

So as we’ve been talking about the Russian Santa Claus, Дед Мороз, this week I thought I must point out one item of New Year paraphernilia that Дед Мороз never seems to leave the North Pole without: his посох. As… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: Ёлка-Christmas tree

Yesterday we talked about the tradition in Russia that the first Christmas tree of the season is lit (зажигается) on Santa Claus’ (Дед Мороз) birthday on November 18th. So no let’s talk about how to say Christmas tree. See, it’s… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: зажигаться/зажечься-to light up

While Americans are bustling about this week to get ready for Thanksgiving and the official start of the holiday season, Santa Claus’ birthday (November 18th) marks the beginning of the holiday season in Russia.  So this week will focus on… Continue Reading →

Holiday Carols in Russian and Ukrainian

Please also check out my more recent posts on this: More on “Carol of the Bells” “Sleep, Jesus, Sleep” Including my own English version of this Ukrainian song. More Carols and information about ‘Nativity’ in Russian and Ukrainian Another very… Continue Reading →

С Новым Годом! The Russian New Year in Postcards

The New Year is the biggest holiday in Russia and is celebrated on a level equivalent to our Christmas.  They do have Christmas in the Orthdox religion, Рождество, which takes place on January 6, but in the Orthodox religion they believe the the… Continue Reading →

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