Russian Word of the Day: Фамильярность-familiarity

What more unromantic word than ‘familiarity’? Ugh. Right? WRONG!!! Two of my MOST favorite poems in Russian play upon the concepts of formality and familiarity in Russian. First to fully appreciate these poems you have to understand some things about… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: Стихи-poems

I love poetry.  I especially have a special love for Russian poetry because 1) it’s brilliant and 2) that’s partly how I taught myself Russian was by studying and memorizing Russian poetry.  And since it’s the season of love I… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: Уныние-low spirits, despondency

To conclude our week about the woes of the approaching cold weather we will finish with one last glum word and some wise advice from the Russian Demi-God, Pushkin(if you don’t know who Pushkin is don’t bother learning another word… Continue Reading →

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