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Russian Tidbit of the Day: New Year’s Presents in Soviet Times

So after reading yesterday’s article about what kinds of things kids are asking Dyed Moroz for these days I began to wonder what kids during Soviet times asked for.  Were their expectations just as high? And how on earth did… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: шуба-fur coat

Let’s face it, you can’t have Дед Мороз without his шуба. How have I even come this whole week talking about Дед Мороз without mentioning his splendid шуба.  Even before the посох (staff) you absolutely must have a long (as… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: Посох-staff

So as we’ve been talking about the Russian Santa Claus, Дед Мороз, this week I thought I must point out one item of New Year paraphernilia that Дед Мороз never seems to leave the North Pole without: his посох. As… Continue Reading →

Russian Tidbit of the Day: Дед Мороз-Карачун

So, I’ve decided that I’m just going to share interesting tidbits about Christmas and New Years traditions.  I’ve been gathering lots of interesting information and been asking friends about their childhood memories of Christmas in Soviet times and so on…. Continue Reading →

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