Favorite Place in Saint Petersburg: Anna Akhmatova Monument

So this summer I had the opportunity to take my husband and my parents to Russia and Ukraine to see my favorite places on earth and meet all of my friends from those places. I’m only now getting around to… Continue Reading →

Pondering These Things in My Heart

On Thursday I took my girlfriend to a Georgian restaurant in Kiev.  I orded some dishes for us, one of which was tabaka, but I put the emphasis on the wrong syllable and ended up ordering a male body part… Continue Reading →

Kyiv, Kiev, Linguistic Chaos

Disclaimer: I know that the true Ukrainian spelling for the city where I am currently located is Kyiv, please forgive. The other way is just easier for me. So I’m now in Kiev. I have been here for several days… Continue Reading →

Environmentally friendly Ukrainians

Nothing exceptionally eventful has happened in the last couple of days.  I suppose the highlight of my day today that give me a good giggle was the fact that I nearly got hit by a taxi when crossing the street. … Continue Reading →

Countryside 2: Goose and Scrambled Eggs

Went to the countryside again over the weekend.  I know there’s a happening scene here in Lviv on the weekends but I, for some reason, am more interested in the simple life.  Here’s a video of the area around Ulyana’s… Continue Reading →

The African American Sea

Class has been really interesting.  I’m very impressed with this school.  We have been learning the nuances of the language like, shoot, can’t remember the English word, but it’s when one letter, depending on morhpology changes into another letter, чергування in… Continue Reading →

Dangerous Strangers and Masochists

After class on Tuesday I met up with Ulyana and was went to the grocery to buy goods for the American style dinner that I was making that night..  I’ve been amazed at how little I spend each day.  I… Continue Reading →

Price of Prostitutes and Church

Again, the two things in the title are not connected. Sorry there won’t be any pictures for this first part but if you can focus anyway and read the post instead I’m sure you’ll find it entertaining enough. It was… Continue Reading →

Ukrainian Village

PART 1: Weekend in the countryside Ulyana’s parents, Bohdan and Lyuba, live in the village of Batyatichi.  Their house in the countryside is huge and beautiful and clean. You know, this really has been the perfect set up of this vacation… Continue Reading →

Marshrutky, Mashiny and Yamy

Wow, this weekend was exactly what I was dreaming about when I was dreaming of this trip. I don’t even know where to begin to describe how absolutely wonderful it was. But here goes nothing.  This is going to take… Continue Reading →

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