Victory! Слава героям!

Hooray! Today is the day I get to write a happy post! I love Victory Day. I love those sweet old WWII veterans that walk around Moscow carrying flowers and getting kissed on the cheek by pretty young girls.  If… Continue Reading →

The Faces of the War

It’s easy for us (especially in America) to think of war as something that happens far away with tanks and soldiers. But for Europeans, and specifically the Soviets during World War II, it was by no means something that was… Continue Reading →

Celebrating Victory-День победы

Victory day was one of my most favorite days in Russia. It is celebrated on May 9th but I thought I’d do a couple of posts remembering World War II leading up to the actual holiday, to help you better… Continue Reading →

A March 8th Ukrainian Love Song-Дякую тобі

As you’re congratulating all the wonderful women in your life I thought I would give you a lovely background song to do it to.  Since I’ve been posting lots about music lately I thought this beautiful love song by Okean… Continue Reading →

Ukrainian Song of the Day: Квіти в волоссі-Бумбокс

As many of you might remember, I also love Ukraine and Ukrainian.  In fact, some of my most favorite music comes from Ukrainian artists.  So I think it’s only fair to include a few of my favorite Ukrainian songs. Boombox… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: Православный-Orthodox

A line in the Facebook Newsfeed from Новая Газета reads: “Кто сегодня не выспался, тот православный.” Which means literally “He who didn’t get enough sleep today, is orthodox”. Why would an Orthodox person be under-rested today?  Because yesterday was православное… Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day: радость-joy

Alright, радость is how you say joy in Russian, but since the song I’m going to feature today is Ukrainian you’ll have to also learn it in Ukrainian.  Do you think your brain can handle that? Okay, ready?  In Ukrainian… Continue Reading →

Russian Word and Carol of the Day- Вертеп-nativity

Actually, if you look up вертеп in yandex.ru it translates as a ‘puppet show booth’.  But I’ve only ever heard it when referring to the nativity or the acting out of the nativity. This is especially common to do the… Continue Reading →

Christmas Carol of the Day: Спи Ісусе спи

So yesterday we talked about “Christmas” carols and gave special attention to  the Ukrainian shchedrik that we in the west know as “Carol of the Bells”.  It’s such a pity that we don’t know more of these little Ukrainian carols…. Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day-Колядки-Carols

Our theme this week is going to be (Christmas) carol related.  Why did I put “Christmas” in parentheses you might be wondering? Well, let me explain. So the word Колядка actually comes from the word Коляда, which was the ancient… Continue Reading →

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