A March 8th Ukrainian Love Song-Дякую тобі

As you’re congratulating all the wonderful women in your life I thought I would give you a lovely background song to do it to.  Since I’ve been posting lots about music lately I thought this beautiful love song by Okean… Continue Reading →

Ukrainian Song of the Day: Квіти в волоссі-Бумбокс

As many of you might remember, I also love Ukraine and Ukrainian.  In fact, some of my most favorite music comes from Ukrainian artists.  So I think it’s only fair to include a few of my favorite Ukrainian songs. Boombox… Continue Reading →

RUSSIAN Carols of the Day

Many of you know how much I love Ukraine and I tend to get carried away in my recently discovered love of Ukraine.  And that’s okay.  But I realize most people come to this site looking for information about RUSSIA…. Continue Reading →

Russian Word of the Day-Колядки-Carols

Our theme this week is going to be (Christmas) carol related.  Why did I put “Christmas” in parentheses you might be wondering? Well, let me explain. So the word Колядка actually comes from the word Коляда, which was the ancient… Continue Reading →

Pondering These Things in My Heart

On Thursday I took my girlfriend to a Georgian restaurant in Kiev.  I orded some dishes for us, one of which was tabaka, but I put the emphasis on the wrong syllable and ended up ordering a male body part… Continue Reading →

Kyiv, Kiev, Linguistic Chaos

Disclaimer: I know that the true Ukrainian spelling for the city where I am currently located is Kyiv, please forgive. The other way is just easier for me. So I’m now in Kiev. I have been here for several days… Continue Reading →

The Cemetery and the Wedding

Wow, it’s been a busy week. I’m now in Kiev and I need to start conducting my experiment for the thesis but everybody’s been asking me when I’ll write a new blog and coincidentally I’m not feeling in the mood… Continue Reading →

It’s So Creepy

I was writing the last blog about environmentally friendly Ukrainians in the evening yesterday.  Wandered into the kitchen, struck up a conversation with Ulyana and her friend Olya.  Music was playing in the background and we were all kind of… Continue Reading →

Environmentally friendly Ukrainians

Nothing exceptionally eventful has happened in the last couple of days.  I suppose the highlight of my day today that give me a good giggle was the fact that I nearly got hit by a taxi when crossing the street. … Continue Reading →

Countryside 2: Goose and Scrambled Eggs

Went to the countryside again over the weekend.  I know there’s a happening scene here in Lviv on the weekends but I, for some reason, am more interested in the simple life.  Here’s a video of the area around Ulyana’s… Continue Reading →

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